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Sindhu Sakha Sangam: Joint Venture of Sindhi Artists, Culture, Tradition, Generation

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About Us


Sindhu Sakha Sangam was established on 29th September, 2007 with the sole purpose of promoting and propagating the usage of our sweet mother tongue – Sindhi and also to bring Sindhi theatre on an equal footing with Gujarati and Marathi theater. The foundation stone of Sindhu Sakha Sangam was laid in Sindhunagar simply because; it is in Sindhunagar that Sindhi blossoms apart from the banks of the Sindhu River.


Unique about our group
The USP of Sindhu Sakha Sangam are its active members who know their jobs very well. They are responsible people with loads of experience in this field. Their dedication and desire to work for the promotion of Sindhi shows in each of our tasks and helps in making it successful. Some of our members are actors, some technicians (including music operators, lightmen, backstage handling men, etc), some can dance and sing very well. Some of our members mesmerize people with their anchoring skills, while others are very good story tellers and directors. And most importantly, we also have a capable marketing team. All of these people when come together to put up a three hour long show; they set the stage on fire and connect instantly with the audience.


Our Objective
Sindhu Sakha Sangam aims to reach audiences not only at the national stage but also internationally. To make Sindhi theater commercial is the topmost objective of its members who are full of enthusiasm and are raring to go. By organising plays, musicals, dance competitions and drama competitions, Sindhu Sakha Sangam wants to revive the dying sindhi language and culture and aims to involve all of you in this endeavour. Sindhu Sakha Sangam wants to kindle your heart so that you start loving the language and don’t mind buying tickets for our shows, in a way encouraging us and helping us achieve our goal.


Our Offerings
We, at Sindhu Sakha Sangam know that the path we have chosen is difficult but it is not impossible. We want to bring back the glory that the sindhi theater enjoyed in the golden age of the seventies. We have made a beginning. Our first play Deewan Gordhandas Goplani is a huge hit with the audiences. This Sindhi Comedy Drama has been performed 23 times all over India and once in Dubai.


Suhina Sindhi – Jag Jo Shaan is musical Nritya Natika show which is very unique and performed none other but only Sindhu Sakha Sangam.


“Dum Dum Diga Diga” is Sindhi comedy drama scripted to keep youngsters in mind.


To promote our language and to raise its bar, we are always on a lookout for likeminded associations and organizations, not to say sponsors too. Our group has been named Sindhu Sakha Sangam which simply translates into “friends or comrades of Sindhu (sindhi)”; hence we invite all of you who wish to be a part of this movement to come and join us.

Welcome pal, welcome to Sindhu Sakha Sangam.

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Ms. Julie Tejwani
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 Ms. Jaishree Thawani
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 Mr. Kishan Ramnani

22-Sep-2014 07:23 pm
My best wishes for IMPROVEMENT and Efforts !

20-Mar-2013 03:52 pm
dear brother The sindhi dram Diwan Gordhandas Goplani is very good.

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