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Dum Dum Diga Diga, Houseful Sindhi Comedy Natak

 Mar 26,2013  

Dum Dum Diga Diga, Sindhi Natak was performed with House Full show on 25-Mar-2013 at Town Hall Ulhasnagar. This has been the most hilarious show ever. Audience were laughing so much that you could see tears of laughter in their eyes. This show was full of so many talented artists from Sindhu Sakha Sangam. We are sure the photos below will excite you enough and try to give the feel of auditorium while this was performed. DumDumDigaDiga2 DumDumDigaDiga3 DumDumDigaDiga5 DumDumDigaDiga4 DumDumDigaDiga6 DumDumDigaDiga7 DumDumDigaDiga8 DumDumDigaDiga9 DumDumDigaDiga10 DumDumDigaDiga DumDumDigaDiga11 DumDumDigaDiga12 DumDumDigaDiga13 DumDumDigaDiga14 DumDumDigaDiga15 DumDumDigaDiga16 DumDumDigaDiga17 DumDumDigaDiga18 DumDumDigaDiga19 DumDumDigaDiga20 DumDumDigaDiga21 DumDumDigaDiga22 DumDumDigaDiga23 DumDumDigaDiga24 DumDumDigaDiga25 DumDumDigaDiga26 DumDumDigaDigaFinal      

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Dum Dum Diga Diga

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