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 May 05,2009  

[caption id="attachment_231" align="aligncenter" width="186" caption="JAISHREE THAWANI"]JAISHREE THAWANI[/caption]

Jaishree Thawani from Ulhasnagar, a charming and innocent girl who is totally worshipped to god with blessings, a sporty and staminatic with full of joy in life without any sorrow that is jaishree.

about myself

S- Strengthen

W- Weakness 

O- Oppurtunity

T- Threaten

Actually, I am very spiritual bonded with god and praised to be a daughter of the god came on this earth to bless the peoples and to spread the message of the omni god that it is present in the environment and the heart and soul of our body. As, I am a girl I am full of angerness in my mind through the desputement of people, carelessness, and some crime, and mischeve, but one thing is that I am a too enthusiastic with good one and more dangerous with bad ones.


2 bronze, 1 siver,  3 gold medals and awarded as the best fighter  in all india karate championship in mulund, from 2001 to 2004

2nd prize in Interschool competition, 2004

2nd prize in Dance competition in R.K.T college, 2005

1st prize in dance competitio in R.K.T college, 2006

2nd prize in Inter-collegiate house competition, 2007

1rank in running race (1st std to 4th std)

1st ranker in running race and cycling (5th std)

1st ranker in running race and 3rd in thread and needle (6th std)

2nd ranker in interschool (7th std)

3rd ranker in running  and hurdles (8th std)

1st ranker in interschool running race (8th std)

Awarded for the Queen of Ryla 2007

Awarded for the best instructor in Flying star dance academy, 2007


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