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SSS is working on Sindhi Movie

 Sep 10,2010  

We have found recently that multiplexes are crowded with Sindhi Movies up to an extent that there were 3 Sindhi Movies in cinemas at the same time. These movies are greatly accepted by Sindhi communities. They have started liking the change in overall Sindhi Cultural market. There are two movies written by Mr. Kishore Lalwani, VAEESSAR EE GUM and TRAPADD TESHION TEY. VAEESSAR EE GUM is more than year old and TRAPADD TESHION TEY is recently released. Surprisingly both the movies are doing good business at the same time in different cities. There are many Sindhu Sakha Sangam members who has also acted in these movies. We feel compelled to use this platform for presenting our drama skills. Secret is out that Sindhu Sakha Sangam group is working on a movie story. This is going to be the Sindhi Comedy movie with great message and unique performance by each character. Film is yet to be named and characters will be decided soon. Watch out this site for more updates on the movie.

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Mohit Ahuja
05-Apr-2013 09:12 pm
wanna work in sindhi movies

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