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Members of Sindhu Sakha Sangam Group

Kishore Lalwani

Writer, Sindhikar who has written many Sindhi books, screenplay for Sindhi Movies & Translated many books in Sindhi



Kishan Ramnani

Kishin Ramnani has more than 20 years of experience in Acting and Hosting the shows. He is part of Sindhu Sakha Sangam group from the inception. Kishan also performs with many other stage groups.  He has many of awards and achivements to his name. He has anchored Sahyog Sahyadri Awards at Doordarshan in year 2013. He has performed on stages of more than 60 cities in India. He has performed abroad in St. martin, Dubai, Indonesia & Sindh (Pakistan)




 Shilpa Sidhani

Jaishree Thwani


Nand Ambwani

Nand Ambwani started working on Stage from college days. Nand Ambwani joined Sindhunagar Sahitya Kala Sangam group. This group used to organise inter college Stage competitions in those days. His first drama was  ھي رستو  ڪيڏانهن ٿو وڃي / Hi Rasto Kedah tho vanje by M. Kamal.  His college won the first prize in the competion during that year.  Sindhunagar Sahtya Kala Sangam used to organise drama workshop on every sunday at Sindhu Youth Circle in Ulhasnagar-3.  Nand Ambwani participated in these workshops. He is associated with drama stage from the year 1994.  He treated Raman Rajpal as mentor and guidance force in his drama career. After the sad demise of Shri Raman Rajpal Sindhu Sakha Sangam group was formed so that show must go on. Nand Ambvani still working in the Sindhu Sakha Sangam group. He can be mostly found in Backstage.

Varsha Ambwani

Vijay Bhawnani

Naresh Chawla


Reshma Mulchandani


Lavin Tejwani






Janvi Ramnani


 Dinesh Rohra

Bhavik Ambwani

Girish Ahuja

Gulshan Makhija

Hero Parwani

Komal Bhagwandas Kamra

Komal is Lecturer by profession but also  doing theatre since school days  ( since 1985). She has performed on stage with range of skills like  Drama, Singing, Script writing, Anchoring. She formally joined Sindhu Sakha Sangam in year 2016.

Luvash Ochani

Mahesh Khemani

Manisha Thawani

Mohit Virwani

Neha Dinesh Bhatia

Neha is a girl with great ambitions. She started her stage carrer with dancing. Her passion for dance took her to new challenging areas. Neha is now  a choreographer by profession and owner of Crystal Dance Academy along with her dance teacher. She trains art of dancing  in various schools and Neha is also  a fitness instructor.  On academic front Neha is currently pursuing for Masters in Management studies (MMS). She joined Sindhu Sakha Sangam group in December 2016.These two years have given her a unfortable memories. Neha joined as an dancer but also learned acting, communication skills, team work, work ethic and many more skills being part of group. She believes SSS is a place where people from different background come under one roof and work for the upliftment of our Sindhi community

Rajesh Bhambhani

Rajesh Punsi

Ronnie Ahuja

Sanjay Bhagwani


Tamanna Rohra

Tamanna Rohra joined Sindhu Sakha Sangam in year 2015. She is very good Dancer & Actor. She is also Instructor at Zest Fitness Studio. She feels proud to be associated with the Sindhu Sakha Sangam Team. Before joining the SSS she knew Sindhi but this association has brought her more closer to Sindhi Cluture. Tamanna feels it is always like a treat to to be in SSS Team and feels it is like a family

Asha Pahuja

Urja Tejwani


Girish Chhabria

Laxman Sachdev

Geet Lakhani



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