Deewan Gordhandas Goplani





As per conversation with us sending details to you of natakh Deewan Gordhandas Goplani an is adoption of famouse hillorious marathi play Shrimanth Dhamodar Panth, This is the concept we have taken which is never seen before on sindhi stage, Deewan Gordhandas goplani story is about seth daulatram who has two sons one daughter and one daughter in law, Elder son is working, younger son is mentallic retarded, who is quite and funny from morning to till 7 o’oclock in the evening, as the alarm bangs of 7 spirit of his grandfather “deewan gordhandas goplani” appears in his body and he starts reacting like his grandfather, what are the situations arises in this atmosphere makes the audience to a nonstop laughter.

Natakh deewan gordhandas goplani concept is new and fresh for sindhi theatre.we have done seven successfull shows in ulhasnagar, kalyan, thane, bandra, nagpur and ahmedabad, and hoping the eight show in kolkata, this we sindhu sakha sangam assures you that this play is going to rock in kolkata after a long gap, we have eleven artist team for this play including backstage. 

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Sindhu Sakha Sangam..



Deewan Gordhandas Goplani

Sindhu Sakha Sangam