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One Act Social Drama “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” at Raipur

SINDHU SAKHA SANGAM is proud to present “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” (one act social drama) for the 2014 all india festival at raipur.
Catch the spark of FRESH and NEW talent brought on stage by our team in RAIPUR.
Sindhu Sakha Sangam is proud to present "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

Sindhu Sakha Sangam is proud to present “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

Original Writer : Pravin Tarde
Sindhikar : Julie tejwani
Lights : Julie tejwani
Music : Priyanka punjabi
Cast :
Lavin Tejwani
Pritesh Thawani
Gulshan Makhija
Karan Mulchandani
Preet Lakhani
Jaishree Thawani

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